Music System for Restaurant or Bar

All in one touchscreen counter top system


We have finally done it! We have created an intelligent music system that has the features of a jukebox in a compact all in one touchscreen computer.

Multi-functional & Compact

The Ultimate Music System For Your Restaurant or Bar

Meet our all in one touchscreen music system that will rock your world!

No need to fumble around with a keyboard and mouse to control all these features in one place.

A compact and feature-rich system that will be able to do a wide range of features at an affordable price.

More Than A Music System

Feature Packed

Raffle Draws

Run your raffle using our automated raffle system. It can draw random numbers between any set of numbers you want.

That way, no ticket books go to waste.

Enjoy the exciting atmosphere it provides for the raffle draw events.

You are able to select various introductory fanfare and other premade intros.


With the countertop system, you have the option to add a karaoke mixer that connects up to it.

The karaoke words can be displayed on the unit and on your large screen TV’s.

The professional mixer allows you to adjust the microphone volumes and more.

You can easily pause or restart songs to accommodate the singer and avoid having to push them down the list of queued tracks.

Joker's Wild

Our unique Joker’s Wild feature has been written by us to create a fun environment while allowing players to select their card.

A special jingle is set off when the Joker card has been chosen. 

We assure you that everyone will love using it!

What It Can Do

Some More Features That You Will Love


Create your own ads on the fly with our ad editor that allows you to choose a background and write what you want.

Additionally, flyer style ads can be specially designed for your venue with your logo, images of your establishment and anything else unique to you.


You can create as many playlists as you want, with unique playlist names that you can put in yourself.

There’s no limit to how many songs you can add in, and best of all, we can restore your playlists and other personal preferences in the event that the unit goes faulty or needs to be replaced.

Music Videos

We have been adding high-quality videos to our collection for a little while now.

With a resolution of 1080p or better, you can enjoy good quality music videos that everyone will enjoy.

Music videos can be used as entertainment and something that sets a great atmosphere.

Random Play

Select the category of music you want to set as a background music source. After that, the computer will grab all the music associated with that category and play them in a randomized order.

You don’t have to worry about music repeating itself, as we have taken care of that in our software.


Connects To Large Screen TV’s

Our all in one system includes video outputs for televisions big or small.

If we add an extender module, you can have a video signal to any TV you like.

This is awesome for features like karaoke, raffle draws and the Joker’s Wild game.

We also can have it connected to your internet, so we can do cool things like add music from our office, or conduct minor repairs instantaneously!


Please contact us for a pricing model

We understand that running your business can have demanding expenses.

That’s why we will work something out with you in order to remain as flexible as we can to deliver our product in the most valuable way to you.

We can tailor the options, based on your specific requirements and pricing to your needs.

Get the music you want

Struggling to Get Your Favourite Karaoke Songs?

We have you covered! Tell us the name of the song you want to be done as a karaoke cover track, and we will get our karaoke production department to work.

You will then have your favourite song completed as a professional karaoke track!

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