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Our System Is Perfect When Band Costs Exceed Your Budget

There is no argument, bands are expensive. When we supply you with a music system in your establishment, you have control of what gets played and when. Create your own playlists for any time in the day or evening to suit the atmosphere. The other way is to let your customers choose their own music. With our coin operated system, your lease costs can be significantly reduced.


Charge Forward

Our Karaoke Is A Huge Crowd Gatherer

Our software is designed to play karaoke tracks with all the features you need. You are able to pause, replay and do anything else with the music or microphones with a professional karaoke unit built into it.

  • Wireless microphones.
  • High quality karaoke tracks.
  • A large collection to suit any singer.

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What We Can Do For You

Not only can we supply you with outstanding variety in music, music videos, and karaoke, we also provide pool tables to enhance your location’s atmosphere. With our new product, we are able to supply better advertising options for you. We can tailor-make advertising to suit various functions or occasions in your bar or restaurant. We can put your company logo or building in the background too.


High quality Music Tracks

Our entire library of music contains high bit-rates to ensure a quality delivery of music.

Music Videos

We try our best to keep up to date with the latest music. And for the most popular tracks, we like to get the video version.



Our software has been written in house to allow you to modify advertising to suit your event or occasion.


Pool tables

Our pool tables are locally made and available in a variety of finishes and cloth colours.

For your needs

Our Music System Is Built Exactly For Your Requirements

Over the years, we have developed our music system to suit the needs of every bar or restaurant that we have ever had the pleasure to deal with. This way we have a product that is built for this industry. Versatile and feature rich, so you never have to look any further for anything else. This makes us the obvious choice as a music system supplier.

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