Wall Unit – Compact and Loaded with Features

Wall Mount Unit
Our converted wall mounting music system

What it offers

Our wall unit has an attractive cabinet in a classic jukebox design, delivers great in performance for it’s size.
Space saving, good for small sized locations and has the same software offered in all of our other products.

Up to 4 speakers are able to be driven from this unit.

Height: 101cm
Width: 61cm
Depth: 36cm

We took an original NSM CD Wallbox and transformed it into something unique.

CD’s are not the standard choice for storing music or music videos anymore. Now everything gets stored on various media like USB drives, hard drives and even the cloud.

With our converted wall unit, we have taken the old internals out, and replaced it with new modern electronics and computer equipment.

This hardware runs our unique touchscreen software with delivers music in the way you need it.

Control speakers independently that play the music you or your customers want.