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Here are our products for you to take a look at. We provide the essentials when it comes to music entertainment.


We Have You Covered

From our own music system products that we create, we provide all you need for music entertainment. Our variety of music system products can meet your specific location’s requirements.

Various Products

Products on Offer

Music Systems

Our music systems have evolved from a jukebox to a feature-rich computerized music system.

Touchscreen interaction allows you to create your own playlists, lock the machine out from being altered and much more.

A wall unit is also available for those situations where space is more of a premium.


Pool Tables

We have sourced our tables from a premium pool table manufacturer right here in New Zealand.

With a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, these high-quality slate tables will suit any colour scheme in a restaurant or bar.

This is a must when it comes to entertainment for your customers.

Karaoke for Hire

Our karaoke system offers professional features all in one unit.

We use a high-quality karaoke mixer, so you can sound professional when you sing.

Our software is specially designed to make pausing or restarting songs a breeze.



Our Music System Provides the Extras

Our music system allows you to do many features that will help you provide a great atmosphere.

You have full control of the music you want playing. One of the advantages is allowing customers to choose the music when you want.

This way, you can have everything working how you want and keep customers happy.

You can even do karaoke with our unit. All the professional gear you need to provide an outstanding quality karaoke experience.

Pool Tables

Create Entertainment

You will be impressed with the array of various colors we offer when it comes to our pool tables.

High quality, built locally, you can choose your favourite finish and color.

You also have various options of colour for the cloth.

Talk to us if you need specific lighting with your business logo on it.

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