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Welcome to our history and about us page. We aim to tell you more about our company so you get to know us a little better.


Who We Are

Our company history spans from the year 1990, until now. 

We provide music systems, jukeboxes and pool tables mainly for restaurants and pubs.

Most of the time establishments lease our equipment and this allows them to retain earnings from our products and gain entertainment value for their visitors.

Owned by Colin and Diane Bowler, we are a reasonably small team that does what they do with a high level of excellence.

We have carefully chosen our team over the years and our staff’s performance speaks volumes in their delivery of work performance.

We are proud to be a Kiwi owned business that can deliver you the very best like everyone deserves.

Details About the Past

Some of Our Company History

From the Beginning

We started out hiring party jukeboxes. After seeing more demand, things took off as we supplied more bars with entertainment equipment.

This all started in the year 1990.

By 2002, we began converting existing jukeboxes over to a computerized touch screen versions.

From there, we continued to work and improve our product until we decided to manufacture our own product.

Now we create and manufacture all our systems at our headquarters.

We have electronic and software engineers working on solving problems and coming up with new features for our customers to enjoy.

This allows us to provide a unique set of features for our clients to engage their customers on a far more deeper level.

All our clients have increased engagement with their customers and increased their revenue as a result.

We will continue to deliver more exciting features and products, which makes us the best in the business.

Our Future Vision

By delivering unmatched products by continuing to improve ourselves and our products, we expect to keep succeeding as we are.

Looking at the upcoming years fills us with enthusiasm as we enjoy watching the reaction of everyone, each time we deliver new features and products.

So you will always see our name everywhere in New Zealand, just as we intend.

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