Karaoke Hire in Tauranga (Affordable Professional Karaoke)

If you need a karaoke system, we have the perfect unit to give you the best karaoke hire experience ever.

Based in Tauranga, we allow pick ups from anywhere and all you have to do is return the unit on the soonest business day following your karaoke hire.

It’s the same price even if you hired it for a Saturday night event, simply bring it back on the Monday or next business day.

Karaoke hire – Our System

karaoke mixer - karaoke hire

Our main music system has been designed with the ultimate karaoke experience in mind. We have integrated a full karaoke segment into our software and hardware. So if you are looking for a great karaoke system for hire, look no further.

Our software has a fully dedicated karaoke area designed into it. You are able to start, pause, stop and even restart karaoke tracks on demand.

Queue up all the tracks you want, from our easy to read song book. Simply punch the number it automatically gets queued up for you.

We have installed a professional Vocopro karaoke mixer so you can enjoy all the functionality that the well known singers use.

You are able to change the singing key, music volume, microphone volume and even the echo rates and delays of each individual microphone.

If that isn’t enough, we also have fantastic quality tracks, ranging in the thousands in quantity.

This will provide you with the ultimate karaoke hire experience.

It’s more than karaoke

karaoke for hire

Our in house built unit can do a range of music features too.

It can provide you with background music to a music genre of your choice. And it’s great for announcements.

We provide wireless microphones so that you can have a easy to use time with them. No wires getting in your way.

You can can switch the unit back into a fully functional music system at any time. A feature to lock it out in the mode you want is another way that it provides convenience.

That means no one else can alter anything to interrupt the mood you have aimed to set.